The latest trend in kitesurfing – hydrofoil kitesurfing – is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands! Hydrofoil lessons are for experienced kitesurfers who want to try something different. They are also perfect for those who want to be able to kitesurf on light wind days, since hydrofoil kitesurfing is possible in wind speeds as low as 5.5 metres per second.

A hydrofoil is a long fin that extends below the board into the water and provides lift, transforming the experience of kitesurfing into one of sailing above the water. Hydrofoil kitesurfing gives you an indescribable feeling and is definitely worth a try!



At Wato Kiteschool, you can book a 1.5-hour private hydrofoil lesson for €75. You can also book a 3-hour duo hydrofoil lesson, where you and a fellow participant take it in turns. A duo hydrofoil lesson costs €150.


Lesson programme

The lesson starts with a brief session on the theory behind the equipment and hydrofoil riding. Then we go out on the water. We start with a board with a short mast to help you get used to the sensation. Then we progress to a longer mast. Hydrofoil lessons require wind speeds of at least 6 metres per second and onshore wind.


Hydrofoil hire

If, after booking a series of hydrofoil lessons you want to continue, you can hire a hydrofoil board from Wato Kiteschool. The cost of hire is €50 for 3 hours.


Let’s get started!



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If you have any questions about lessons or booking, please talk to us using our online chat, call us on +31 (0)174 700 228 or email us at info@wato-kiteschool.nl.