Private lessons

Private lessons will get you off to a great start! One-to-one guidance is the best way to learn. The instructor will give you their undivided attention and teach you at a pace that matches your progress.

We offer 3-day and 4-day kitesurfing courses with the option of additional follow-up lessons for those who would like more coaching. Lessons are 2.5 hours long. During a private lesson, you…


  • work one-to-one with the instructor
  • learn the basics of kitesurfing
  • learn the safest way to kitesurf
  • learn how to body drag
  • learn how to safely ride the first few metres
  • may even attempt your first jump
  • are taught through a water-resistant (BB Talkin) headset

Prices private lessons

  • Kitesurfing lesson private

  • 180Lesson duration: 2.5 hours
  • Private lessons kitesurfing

      • Are you looking for a kitesurfing course for beginners? Or do you want to find out if kitesurfing is for you? You may have had a few lessons and want a bit more guidance.

  • 3-day kitesurfing course

  • 520,-Lesson duration: 7.5 hours
  • 3-day kitesurfing course

      • This is our most popular course. By the end of the 3-day course, you will know how to kitesurf safely and may even be able to ride a short distance.

  • 4-day kitesurfing course

  • 695,-Lesson duration: 10 hours
  • 4-day kitesurfing course

      • The 4-day course is for those who want, or feel they need, a bit more guidance. By the end of the course, you will know how to kitesurf safely and may even be able to ride a short distance.


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