Refresher lesson

You may have already had a few lessons and know how to kitesurf. But you may be too nervous to try it on your own. This is more common than you might think! A private or duo refresher lesson is just what you’re looking for. You will be taken through every aspect of the process at your own pace, and by the end of your first refresher lesson you will be tearing across the water.

The refresher lesson will boost your confidence in handling the kite and board. During the lesson, we cover…


  • all aspects of the process at your own pace.
  • how to get the right amount of pull from your kite at just the right moment.
  • the safest way to kitesurf.
  • how to waterstart like a pro.
  • the correct position on the board.
  • how to safely handle the kite and board, kitesurf independently and confidently navigate between other kitesurfers.

Prices refresher lesson

  • Private refresher lesson

  • 149,- Lesson duration: 2.5 hours
    • Everything is repeated.
    • Setup material, kitecontrol, water start.
    • Upwind sailing, perfect posture.


  • 105,-Lesson duration: 3 hours (price per person)
  • After this duo freshening up lesson you are ready to go on the water independently!